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for a country that spends more on education than anything else. it's a key test given to 15-year-olds in 65 countries. the u.s. ranks 36th in math. east asian countries top all three categories in science, the u.s. ranks 28th. only in reading are u.s. students really above average and still pretty much in the middle of the pack. shanghai takes every spot but they hardly represent all of china. it's a slim, slim look about the education system in china. the u.s. slipped in the rankings since 2009. scores are a little changed from the first report in 2000. what's wrong here? the report blames weak u.s. curriculum and education secretary arne duncan calls it a picture of educational stagnation. this is a reality at odds with aspirations to have the best educated work force in the world. he's pushing new common core standards in 45 states. a nationwide drive to standardize education hoping to stem the slide and reenergize american students. brooke? >> we roll on. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york with you today. news after an admission by the engineer at the controls of the speeding train tha
's covered by most health plans. >>> there's no question the world of education isn't what it used to be. ask anyone from teachers to parents, even students themselves. a new report by the american civil liberties union of pennsylvania looked at student discipline and whether the practice of zero tolerance is actually helping or hurting students and the verdict -- well, the overly broad policy just isn't working. and joining me to discuss is broward county public school superintendent robert brunsy, president of national school services committee and psychologist wendy walsh. >> tell us what zero tolerance is and why turn away from it now? >> well, the reason why we would turn away from it is because zero tolerance policies are not effective. in 2011 in broward county, we had the largest number of stude student school-related arrests in florida. 1,062. out of that 754 of them, about 75%, were for non-violent misdemeanor offenses. these are things that would normally have been handled by schools in the past and as we see the numbers continue to grow, they just put children on a trajectory that
to education. he could have stayed in his community, but he saw -- he started to see himself as an african, not just as a hoso, he started to see himself and see how the white regime was dividing people by stressing ethnic differences and he was able to overcome that. i think that's such an extraordinary thing. >> it's true. it's true. he was a courageous human being and full of the idea that he was on a journey, and he had something to do, he had a place to be, and it's fabulous to realize that there's an old spiritual, old gospel song which is i'm on my journey now, mount zion, on my journey now, mount zion, and i wouldn't take nothing, mount zion, from my journey. mount zion. he was on the journey and he knew it and he had something to do. and this is what each of us has, if we have enough courage, we can say i'm on a journey, i have a charge to keep. >> you were living in cairo with your husband, south african freedom fighter when you first met nelson mandela. i understand your husband and mandela were something of rivals, but that didn't matter to mandela. tell us about that experienc
to put our children first and create situations in which we push not just the children but the educators that sur ound them. too many of us are comfortable with mediocrity. as michelle said, the rest of the world is moving forward. we haven't dropped, we're just losing in a race because we're not moving forward. >> frank talk from steve perry and michelle reed on this important issue. >>> we have much more ahead in the cnn newsroom and it all starts right now. i am fredricka whitfield. ice, sleet, snow, a cold snap hits much of the u.s., knocking out power for hundreds of thousands of people. and plunging central parts of the country into bone chilling cold. we're going live to the heart of the storm next. >>> and home at last after six weeks locked up in north korea, an elderly u.s. war veteran suddenly free. he is now back home. and we just heard from him last hour. >>> plus, after ineffective chemotherapy and failed bone marrow transplant, this 15-year-old leukemia patient thought he would die. then an experimental treatment changed everything. details coming up. >>> merrill newman ba
advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. every day we're working to and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. you give them the giggles. tylenol coldĀ® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol coldĀ®. >>> a sheriff in south carolina refuses to lower the u.s. flag in honor of nelson mandela. sheriff clark has a reason. >> he said it should be reserved for american citizens. he said this honor should be reserved for american citizens. take a listen. >> show a sign of respect for what nelson mandela is doing. but in our country it should be the people. >> he went onto say that it should be lowered at the u.s. embassy and he is receiving overwhelming support. take a look at these fac
in that shooting. six educators, adults were killed. you're in touch with the families. a year later, how are they doing? >> well, i think you know, i would be reluctant to speak for and declare anyone exactly what exactly is happening for any individual families, but i think what i say about newtown is in fact, i've been recently quoting some lyrics from leonard cohen that there's a crack income everything. but that's how the light gets in. and i think newtown we're cracked. you know? this has affected all of us very deeply and especially our families that lost loved ones. and so we're cracked. but also out of that, those cracks we see light that is both coming inning to people's lives and also being shared by people's lives. we think that the story for many of our families as well as many of the citizens can of new town is that we are finding ways to be kind to each other, to encourage each other. finding ways to make a difference out of the circumstances wiljust were beyond imagination for most of us. and i think there's a real power there. but day by day, you know, it's one step at a
college classrooms and secondary education will sanitize a little bit of nelson mandela's story, not tell the full picture. >> i hope not. i hope the college professors and administrators will insist we tell the whole story. we don't have to idolize nelson mandela. we can present him as the ful - fully-fleshed human being with all his noble qualities and his flaws. i think the interesting thing that he illustrates is moral leaders often go to places that are unlikely, and unexpected. they develop relationships. they initiate conversations. that upset the equilibrium in order to produce justice, in order to catalyze change. i think that's what today's millennials can college students around the country are interested in. authentic leaders who keep it real. >> talk about upsetting people. julian, back to you, talking about during the bush administration in 2003 when nelson mandela made the statement in regard to the iraq war. as he said, president bush has romanticized justifications as far as why the u.s. was involved. he said, all he, being president bush, all he wants is iraq oil. so ho
but food is medicine. we could advise people and educate people what that means. we're starting to make real dents, impact in terms of a healthier america. this idea overall it's not just about playing defense and swatting at flies and believing we are preordained to heart disease and diabetes. i was that way, too. instead, it's this idea we can't optimize ourselves and we are nowhere near that right now. none of the other stuff, would unless we focus on some of that. that's within us. that's what i meant by that. >> that's a good point. all of these points are excellent points. i want viewers to go to, read the entire article and learn important ob potentially life-saving information. thanks very much. >>> so forget the crowds and the brawls at the stores. today, the focus shifts to online shopping. i want to tell you which retailers are pinning their hopes on a big cyber monday. and she's not exactly tidy. even if she gets a stain she'll wear it for a week straight. so i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. since i'm the one who has to to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. cortizone-10 has the strongest nonprescription itch medicine plus moisturizers to help heal skin fast. cortizone-10. feel the heal. president obama goes on the offensive today to try to revive his signature health care reform law. the obama team spent weeks playing defense over the disastrous debut of the website. next hour he kicks off a new campaign to highlight the benefits of the affordable care act. the administration plans daily events through december 23rd but convincing young people to sign up for obama care may be a tough sell. according to a brand-new gallup poll, americans aged 18 to 29 are the least familiar with the health care law. this is the main group, by the way, an the administration needs toe attract to make the whole system work. call it crisis management on a global scale. vice president biden is on a mission to ease tensions between china and japan. he and the new u.s. ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy sat down with japan's deputy prime minister taro as to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare >>> well, the white house has backed away from a reported statement made two years ago that president obama had never met an uncle who lives near boston. well, it turns out that the president not only knew him, he once lived with him. why so much confusion? cnn's brian todd has more. >> reporter: he's a 69-year-old man who works at a liquor store near boston and he's now caught up in the president's latest political migraine. the man's name, onyango obama, also called omar, the president's uncle. "the boston globe" previously cited the white house as saying the president and hess uncle had never met, but the white house press secretary now says
with the public is an honor, end quote. and burkle plans to take the medal on an educational tour along with the faulkner nobel prize for literature which he also owns. that's going to do it for me. i'm fredericka whitfield. much more straight ahead with deb feyerick in new york. a very inspirational -- it was heartfelt that this item was being put up for auction at least according to jesse owens' daughter and then hearing that, it seems as though the penguins' owner is greatly appreciative of the history that comes with that medal and so maybe that kind of -- i guess, puts the family at ease to a degree. >> he'll keep it in the right historical context and treat it with respect that it definitely deserve. great interview, by the way, fredericka. thanks so much. >> have a great evening. see you in a bit. >>> you are in the cnn "newsroom." i'm deborah feyerick opinion does anybody remember summertime? i certainly don't. it seems like a lifetime ago. >> got a big chunk of the country to show you today. people in several states were dealing with a one-two punch of ice and extremely bitter
people across the country will be thinking of our children and educators. so tragically taken from us. and wondering how to help. we ask that you consider performing an can the an of kindness or volunteering with a charitable organization in your own local community. we hope that some small pressure of good may be returned to the world. this concludes our family statement. i'd like to add that our family will be lighting a candle on the eve of 12/14, the last night we spent with our sweet charlotte. >> and we will be lighting a candle for our beautiful little girl jessica. >> we will be lighting a candle on behalf jessie mccord louis. >> we're going to light a candle in honor of our daughter emily. >> we will light a candle for my mom dawn. >> we will light a candle for my older sister, victoria. >> we will be lighting a candle for my sweet boy jack. >> we will be lighting a candle in honor of our beautiful girl grace. >> we will be lighting a candle for our gorgeous daughter avile. >> we'll be lighting a candle for our beautiful daughter anna [ speaking foreign language ] >> we will
investments and infrastructure and education, so this gives him a little fuel to do that as the rollout to obama care has been so rocky. this is certainly something the white house is welcoming here. >> we'll check back. brianna keilar live at the white house this morning. >>> and now let's head back to washington and bring in wolf blitzer for more on our special coverage of the passing of nelson mandela. wolf, take it away. >> to the world, nelson mandela was a freedom fighting revolutionary who later rose to be a statesman and influenced others as aan icon and ambassador of peace. in his native south africa he was lovingly known as madiba, a symbol his countrymen had for their president. jacob zuma yesterday spoke about his legacy. >> we'll always love madiba for teaching us that it is possible to overcome hatred and anger in order to build a new nation and a new society. >> president zuma also announced funeral plans for nelson mandela, including a national day of prayer and reflection this sunday, an open air memorial service at johannesburg soccer stadium next tuesday and his buria
.com to connect with a patient advocate from abbvie for one-to-one support and education. >>> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for join iing me. >>> investigators are trying to figure out why a train that derailed sunday killing four people was going 82 miles an hour, nearly three times the speed limit it should have been going around a curve. train's engineer is being questioned for a second day as investigators try to pinpoint why that train was going so fast. >>> health officials say there is little chance that passengers on a us airways flight might come down with tuberculosis after a scare in the air. a passenger was removed from the plane on a flight from austin to phoenix. >> the flight attendant approached us. she had a mask in her hands that you cover your nose with. she approached the man. he was about mid cabin, i would say, to my left. a window seat, a very slight -- slightly built man and told him to put the mask on. >> cdc says it's still waiting for test results to confirm if, indeed, that passenger really has tb. this morning, we have new video to show you t
, newtown police officers are lecturing on the law enforcement circuit, educating police officers on what not only they say but what they think could be a better process. >> wow. >> that's right, brooke. if you go back to the psychological autopsy we just did on adam lanza, that gave us a plethora of information as to what may be in the minds of these young people, of these mass shooters, so that we can try to avoid this, identify, and work with it to prevent this sort of tragedy, if we can, in the future. >> dr. jeff gardere, steve kardian, thank you both very much. i want to read this from the newtown bee. they said the best way to honor the loves ones and youngsters who lost live s is to take care of someone in the community. in 30 minutes, we'll see how the nation's thinking on gun control has changed since the mass shooting. we'll go in depth about national polls, how everyone is feeling after this? that's at the bottom of the hour. stay with me for that. >> i want to move along and talk about the new details on how actor paul walker and his friend roger rodas died in that car crash
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